Momoko walked around looking worried. "What's wrong Momoko?" asked Miyako looking worried too. "All right. Do you want me to confess? Do you? Huh? HUH?!??!?!" asked Momoko. Karou and Miyako looked at each other looking worried but then they both said "Duh! We do want you to confess what your worried about! We do want you to confess!" Momoko rolled her eyes and said "All right. Moriko Minako and Kasumi are coming back." Karou gasped and Miyako's mouth fell open! "Now I kinda wish I didn't say I wanted Momoko to confess ANYTHING!" said Karou. "It's already to late." said Momoko. "I already told you Mor--" "Momoko! MOMOKO! Please don't say their names please. Please don't say their names!" said Miyako half crying. "Again." Karou added. Then she added onto her own sentence "Crybaby." Then Momoko and Miyako said loudly "WHO'S THE CRYBABY HERE?" Karou looked around and said "Miyako?" Then Momoko and Miyako said again but louder than they said "Who's the crybaby here" "NO! YOUR THE CRYBABY AROUND THEESE PARTS" So so far everything is going like a diastear for the PPGZ! That was chapter one. Come back on the FOURTEENTH for chapter TWO!

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