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Narrator:it has been a year since the return of HIM and the final battle and everything is normal no one remembers the Z rays or nothing like that and the girls lottheir powers but not all chemical Z is gone  HIM is still trapped in th ice but it looks like it's melting and whats this the white energy has been released


Me:ooooooo those are some useful stuff there the sarkles n everything


Me:AAAAAAAA wat's that

Toriko: AAAAAA

Me:*blocks the girl and gets hit with the remaning white energy* UNIVERSAL STARCRUSHER

Me:wjhat happened


Me:whaaaaaaaaa *looks* I am a PPGZ

People:*start coming all around lookin at me cuz theyhavent seen any PPGZS for like a year*

Himeko:what she is getting the attention GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Ken:I thought all chemical Z was gone

Proffesor:not all of it the chemical z the remians of the girls powers mustve transfered toearth and hit this girl and the ice is melting HIM will be bacl soon so we need to be ready

Me:but who got  hitby the other z rays?

To Be Continued

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