Sparkles is a triceratops baby who made her first appearance in The Powerpuff Girls Z Time Travel: The Dinosaurs' Time, and is Bubbles' favorite animal.


Japanese Name





The Dinosaurs' Time (formerly) New Townsville (current)


Bubbles, Blossom, Buttercup, Ken Kitazawa




Bubbles, having fun, candy


Being attacked by the T-Rex, not having the girls and Ken around


Lives with Ken Kitazawa and the Powerpuff Girls in the future as her current home

First Appearance

The Powerpuff Girls Z Time Travel: The Dinosaurs' Time

Latest Appearance

Attack of Mr. Sour & Mrs. Sweetie (cameo)

Appearance Edit

Sparkles is a female baby triceratops. She has blue eyes and wears a rainbow ribbon on her head given by Bubbles. Her entire body is violet.

Personality Edit

Although Sparkles being a dinosaur, she is never seen attacking people. Sparkles seem to be normal, and good-natured. She is nearly appearing to be nice to Ken Kitazawa and The Powerpuff Girls.

In the Series Edit

The Powerpuff Girls Z Time Travel: The Dinosaurs' Time Edit

She first appeared in the movie, The Powerpuff Girls Z Time Travel: The Dinosaurs' Time, where she is first seen getting out of her egg after it hatched. Bubbles hugged her and give her the name, "Sparkles". A greedy T-Rex appeared and tried to eat them, thinking that they are carnivore. Buttercup was later kidnapped by a Mama Pterodactyl, who thinks she is her baby. So the pterodactyl took her to her nest with some young pterodactyl. Ken and Blossom then told Bubbles that they need to build another Time Remote to get back to the future, but Bubbles is too busy doing the hula dance with Sparkles, which made them both fainted.

Later, on the pterodactyl's nest, Buttercup is seen playing with the baby pterodactyls. The Mama Pterodactyl then decided to have her babies and Buttercup (as her "son") to learn how to fly. Ken then finished building the Time Remote, but forgot to put a tiny piece of diamond as button to get back home. Later, Bubbles noticed that Sparkles is smelling something, which was a pile of diamonds on a volcano. Ken and Blossom then need to know how to get the diamonds become tiny pieces. Ken then later knew what to do: the T-Rex's skull is harder than metal, so he decided to use the T-Rex to broke the diamond. The three then pretended to have the T-Rex eat them now, and the T-Rex chased them all the way to the volcano, breaking the diamonds into little pieces. Buttercup appeared just in time, says goodbye to her "pterodactyl brothers", and Ken got the tiny piece of diamond, even Buttercup putting the diamonds in her bag for her and her sisters' diamond collection. They later got back to the future, with Sparkles seemingly to love it as her new home.

Trivia Edit

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