((This is a fanfiction article. This character does not actually appear in the show but in a fanfiction))
A classic sonic by waggonercartoons-d4l03yj

The Blue Bruiser!!!

Atomic Sonic, or Sonic the Hedgehog,might be known as the SEGA mascot, but in the fan-made series, Powerpuff Girls Z Kai: The Next Chapters, he, Tails, and T.J. are not only the PPGZ's boyfriends, but they're also part of the team. Not many people know it, but in this series, his real name is Maurice...


He is dating Buttercup, as of Episode 3, and lives at her house. They both have many things in common, and always work well in tandem.


He wears a dark-green version of Buttercup's outfit, but with pants instead of a skirt.

Doctor OutfitEdit

In 'Nurse Curse', he was also disguised as a doctor, wearing a lab coat, a head mirror, and lab goggles.

Ninja outfitEdit

His spare clothes were blue with a belt in his chest and he wore two big white bracelets on his arms, and his trademark red-and-white sneakers.


He can be very sarcastic, but he is quite caring when the time is right. He is serious about his superhero abilities, and is always ready to defend his pals and his city.