You can't get me away for this, Macaron! You let me out or my loyal friends are going to rescue me from this jelly cage!
— Princess Peppermint

Princess Peppermint (Japanese: Ojo Pepaminto) is a minor character from the episode, "Chibi to the Rescue", and the daughter of King Huckleberry Pie.

Princess Peppermint

Japanese Name

Ojo Pepaminto

English Name

Princess Peppermint

Japanese Voice Actor

Kana Hanazawa

English Voice Actor

Tara Strong

Signature Color




First Appearance

Chibi to the Rescue

Appearance Edit

Princess Peppermint is fair-skinned, with dark brown and green hair styled in twin ponytails attached by mint candy-shaped hair pins. She wears a green gown with a dark brown bow attached to it, and has green eyes. She also wears a golden tiara with an emerald in the middle, and wears brown slippers. She also wears brown gloves. She is a character of the television program, "Chibi Princess Adventures".

Personality Edit

Princess Peppermint is gentle and has a good attitude. She is also obsessed with all kinds of sweets, such as peppermint, lollipops, and even chocolate balls.

History Edit

"Chibi to the Rescue" Edit

Her first appearance in "Chibi to the Rescue", is when that Ken Kitazawa and The Powerpuff Girls went into the Princess Peppermint Rescue novel book by the go into the book zapper that Professor Utonium created. They met Summer Blossom, Pumpkin Pie and Grape Juice who are on a quest to rescue Princess Peppermint from the greedy bad magician, Macaron, who is stealing all princesses of Sugar Candy Kingdom for his circus show. Pumpkin Pie even agrees them to help them rescue Princess Peppermint and the other princesses of Sugar Candy Kingdom from Macaron. They told them that Macaron was keeping the cages with the princesses inside in Maple Syrup Falls.

When they got to Maple Syrup Falls, they found Macaron sleeping, and they get the lollipop key off around his neck, and freed all the princesses. They later got out of Maple Syrup Falls, and brought Princess Peppermint back to King Huckleberry Pie. As a reward for rescuing his daughter, they gave them a giant piece of bubblegum. And Ken, Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles got out of the book, with Macaron being stuck inside Maple Syrup Falls forever, and is angry that his show is busted.

"Holiday Sweet Holiday" Edit

Princess Peppermint is shown as a doll that Ken is putting inside his bag for a holiday they need to discussed.

Trivia Edit

  • She is a parody of one of the characters of the Strawberry Shortcake series.

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