Princess Morbucks


English Name


Japanese Voice

Chigusa Ikeda

English Voice

Kelly Sheridan

First Appearance

Princess Morbucks (episode)

Princess Morbucks is a villain in the Powerpuff Girls Z. Her appearance is a puffy curly 2 pigtails on the side of her hair. Her evil appearance is a red pink puffy big hair and evil circle eyes instead of the star eyes. Her arch enemy is Ken and Professor Utonium. She is the younger sister of Duchess Morbucks. Princess is voiced by Kelly Sheridan in the English dub, who also voiced Starlight Glimmer, Misty Fly, and Sassy Saddles in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Indigo Zap in Friendship Games and Chigusa Ikeda in the original Japanese dub.

Physical Appearance Edit

She resembles her father, having the same curly hair. Her hair is more of a brownish color which is tied into bunches on each side of her head, topped with a tiny golden crown. Like her family, her bright pink eyes have white stars in them. She wears a light pinkish-purple dress with a wide but short skirt and a purple trim. Her white-laced sleeves are bright purple, along with her peplum. She has a lavender bow tied around her waist, and a thin purple choker. She also has a turquoise and golden brooch and pink Mary-Jane shoes to match her eyes.

Section Heading Edit

First Encounter as Dark PrincessEdit

All the maids at the Morbucks house were searching for Sapphire. When they found her, she was surrounded by dogs and Princess attacked the dogs by throwing money. She succeeded in saving Sapphire, but a black Z ray hit her while she was holding Sapphire's tail. 

The next day, Princess Morbucks wanted to express herself to her classmates about a new dress but they were not paying attention to her. When she got home, she hoped that she could watch her favorite drama but it showed a Powerpuff Girls commercial, and she got very mad and bit Sapphire's tail. She transformed to show to the Powerpuff Girls that she's the best among of them. 

She built a robot to pretend that she saved the day and showed off to the Powerpuffs. She said to them that she can do this by herself and the Powerpuffs believe it. They rest and leave things to Princess, but she lost control of her robot . The Powerpuffs got mad at Princess. They said that they would handle it, and for Princess to go away. The Powerpuffs attacked the robot but Princess became mad and tried to kill them, but her plan failed.


Princess Morbucks goes to the same school as the Powerpuffs and was struck by a black light, which caused her appearance to change, with the exception of her outfit. Her powers are used based on her desires to be recognized by people. Once she is back to normal, however, she does not recall any events that occured while she was evil.

It's shown that she has a strong dislike for Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, and often tries to get them into trouble even when she is not evil. She becomes somewhat friendlier towards them as the series progresses. In one episode, the Powerpuff Girls Z found out that Princess has a big sister named Duchess who does everything better than her, and even draws attention by their parents. Unlike the original cartoon series, both of her parents' faces are shown and her mother is alive and around. She has a cat named Sapphire, whose scream causes Princess Morbucks' transformation.


Like her original counterpart from the original show, Princess is often spoiled and nasty towards others. However, unlike her counterpart, she's much less psychotic and doesn't throw as many tantrums for not getting what she wants. She is also capable of showing kinder emotions, such as her love for her cat Sapphire and her sister Duchess, or when she is genuinely concerned about Blossom's feelings in Episode 43, so she has a few redeeming qualities.

Princess Morbucks is often shown to enjoy being the center of attention at school and becomes jealous if someone is taking it away from her. She has two friends, whom she calls her "entourage", who follow her around, complimenting and flattering her. She is thus similar to Sissi Delmas from Code Lyoko, Nanette Manoir from Angela Anaconda, and many other spoiled rich girls in fiction.

She also gets quite jealous when nobody pays attention to her.



  • Unlike the original Princess Morbucks, who usually wears yellow and is the same height as the Powerpuff Girls, she usually wears a puffy mauve and purple dress and is shorter than the Powerpuff Girls Z.
  • Her original counterpart had a crush on Brick for a short time, unlike her.
  • Her eyes are starrier than the original one.
  • She's the only character in the show who has a pet; A cat called Sapphire.
  • Her name, meaning princess, or a girl of high class.
  • She has her own personal golden bathroom at school, as we see in Sleepless in New Townsville.
  • Her crown is smaller than the original Princess Morbucks's crown.