Powerpuff Tales Z (Japanese: Demashita! Talius Z) is a spinoff series franchise to the The Powerpuff Girls Z franchise. But in this franchise series, Miss Sara Bellum babysits Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles while Professor Utonium and Ken Kitazawa are away to New York City. And she also tells them stories of parodies of different fairy tales.

List of Tales Edit

This is the list of tales Miss Sara Bellum tells:

Story Title Parody Story Description Released Date
Blossom & the Beanstalk Jack & the Beanstalk Blossom (as Jack) climbs up

a giant beanstalk which leads

her to a giant castle that

belongs to Mojo Jojo (as the


12 May, 1356
Little Blue Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood Bubbles (as Little Red Riding

Hood) walks in the woods

and is bringing a basket full

of food to her grandmother's

house. She even met the Big

Bad Fuzzy Lumpkins (as the

Big Bad Wolf) who is gonna

eat her grandmother as his


11 December, 2017
Bubble-locks & the

Three Amoeba Boys

Goldilocks & the

Three Bears

Bubbles (as Goldilocks)

sneaked into a house that

belongs to the three Amoeba Boys (as the Three Bears). She even

eats their lunch, breaks a chair, and sleeps in one of the beds.

21 June, 2017
Blossom-rella Cinderella Blossom (as Cinderella) is being a servant cleaning and doing the chores by her

selfish stepsisters, Buttercup and Bubbles

(as the Ugly Stepsisters). When they left

her to the chores and them going to the

ball, her Fairy Utonium (as Fairy Godmother) gives her a dress, and told her

to get home before the magic wears off

by midnight.

13 May, 2018
Sara and the Beast Beauty and the


Miss Sara Bellum (as Beauty) steps upon a

beautiful-looking castle that belongs to a

Beast. Suddenly, the curse wears off and the Beast turns back into a prince (played by

Mayor Mayer (Mr. Mayor). He is usually

turned into a Beast by a wicked witch.

31 November,


The Witch of


The Wizard of


Ken Kitazawa (as Dorothy) and pet robot dog Poochi (as Toto) traveled to the land of

Oz, and his house has squashed the Wicked

Butch of the East (as the Wicked Witch of the East)

11 January, 2019