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Powerpuff Girls Z Kai, or Powerpuff Girls Z Kai: The New Chapters, is a fanmade series which continues after the events of Powerpuff Girls Z. It features new characters George the Hedgehog A.K.A. Atomic Sonic the Hedgehog, Zero 'Tails' Prower A.K.A.


After the defeat of Him, the Powerpuff Girls Z realized that with other villains becoming bigger threats, they would need more help. So, they recruited 3 boys: 1. Sonic the Hedgehog/Atomic Sonic (Kaoru's boyfriend) 2. Tails the Kitsune/Ultra Tails (Miyako's boyfriend) 3. T.J. the Kitsune/Titanic T.J. (Momoko's boyfriend)

They now have to deal with the problems of protecting the city, being in relationships, and more.

Voice TalentsEdit

-Nicole Bouma as Blossom

-Maryke Hendrikse as Bubbles

-Kelly Metzger as Buttercup

-Jaleel White as Sonic

-Sean Schemmel & Ian James Corlett as Tails

-Bryan Massey as T.J.

-Jason Liebrecht as Ken

-Ian Corlett as Professor

-Matt Hill as Poochi

-Roger L. Jackson as Mojo Jojo

-Kelly Sheridan as Princess Trudy Morbucks

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