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Powerpuff Girls Z Kai, or Powerpuff Girls Z Kai: The New Chapters, is a fanmade series which continues after the events of Powerpuff Girls Z. It features new characters George the Hedgehog A.K.A. Atomic Sonic the Hedgehog, Zero 'Tails' Prower A.K.A.
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After the defeat of Him, the Powerpuff Girls Z realized that with other villains becoming bigger threats, they would need more help. So, they recruited 3 boys: 1. Sonic the Hedgehog/Atomic Sonic (Kaoru's boyfriend) 2. Tails the Kitsune/Ultra Tails (Miyako's boyfriend) 3. T.J. the Kitsune/Titanic T.J. (Momoko's boyfriend)

They now have to deal with the problems of protecting the city, being in relationships, and more.

Voice TalentsEdit

-Nicole Bouma as Blossom

-Maryke Hendrikse as Bubbles

-Kelly Metzger as Buttercup

-Jaleel White as Sonic

-Sean Schemmel & Ian James Corlett as Tails

-Bryan Massey as T.J.

-Jason Liebrecht as Ken

-Ian Corlett as Professor

-Matt Hill as Poochi

-Roger L. Jackson as Mojo Jojo

-Kelly Sheridan as Princess Trudy Morbucks