Every weekend there will be a different poll. Here you can see the results of the previous ones.

September 10,2015  Edit

Do you want season 3 for the Powerpuff girls z?

1st Yes; 184 votes
2nd No; 9 Votes

March 26,2015Edit

Who is your favorite villains of the Powerpuffgirls z?

1st Him; 101 votes
2nd Mojo; 34 votes
3rd Princess; 27 votes
4th Gangreen gang; 8 votes
5th Fuzzy Lumpkins; 6 votes
6th Amoeba Boys; 5 votes
7th Gigi the great; 3 votes

November 13, 2014Edit

Which Episodes is your most favorite?

1st Powerpuff Rowdy Boys; 88 votes
2nd Pleasant Bubbles; 8 votes
3rd (Tied) The Girls and "Him" and Girlz, Final Battle! Part 1; 6 votes
4th Miracle of Bubble Freedom; 5 votes
5th Girlz, Beyond Time and Space; 3 votes

Septermber 7, 2014Edit

Who is your favorite character?

1st Buttercup; 43 votes
2nd Blossom; 32 votes
3rd Bubbles; 25 votes
4th None; 4 votes
5th Others; 3 votes

May 12, 2014Edit

Which couple do you like?

1st Blossom and Brick; 68 votes
2nd Buttercup and Butch; 30 votes
3rd Takaaki and Miyako; 18 votes
4th Butch and Bubbles; 9 votes
5th Buttercup and Bubbles;5 votes