pastry puff panic
bewere of him

by Emily Lambert

the famas story writer

published by Markiplier

buttercups friend

A story about friend ship and heros

plot: The powerpuff girls are at school and buttercup is not in the mood for girly stuff but miss keane keeps talking about girly stuff buttercup is getting angry every day this happens to buttercup, hims black particals see what is going on they decide to get the black z ray and turn buttercup into one of them. buttercup is walking from school home upset she wishes that she had a better life one day she will make the world tom boy world insted when she got home her father who is a profeshional masked wreselar told her to keep her shoe on because there going to a massage proseshionest but she does not like massages so she has to go. the gangreen gang pepare the black z ray for lift off and just in time because buttercup saw the black z ray but it did not land on her it landed on tokio he started to massage buttercup so the black z ray could get in her slowly buttercup started to become EVIL she transformed into butter zella  and swarm to massage people and make her queen at bubbles house blossom is cleaning for bubbles and wishes buttercup were here until the professer called to say there were rampage by mojo jojo and a new villan called butter zella  they said they will do it and they transformed and went to stop them blossom went to buttercups house but her father was massaging her mom so they went to buttercups room but her room looked girly and she wasnt there they went to stop butter zella and mojo butter zella  was using her magic trick  to hypnotize people it was like buttercups father so they saw butter zella massaging people and it made a twichey noise

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