Okou ppgz

Japanese Voice

Machiko Kawana

English Voice

Kelly Metzger

First Appearance

Only A Matter of Time

Signature Color






Okou was one of the members of the Ooedo Chakichaki Girls and was the Edo counterpart of Buttercup.


She appeared in episode 51 along with Omiya  and MomoShe shares the same personality as Buttercup, her weapon is a big wooden hammer. she wears a green Kimono dress after transforming. Before her first present appearance, She also had a brief appearance in What's with Him? (Episode 30), where she is seen fighting off Him for the first time and is mentioned by Professor Utonium in that she was a part of the Goodenough Girls. She looks like Buttercup, except that she has tidier hair.


- She is the tough member of the Group, she likes sports and so on.

- She is tough and has a strong personality.

- Her color scheme is the same as Buttercup.

-Unlike Buttercup, she doesn't dislike her transformation outfit.

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