It's about time to light!
— New Townsville Super Stars

The New Townsville Super Stars (Japanese: Atarashi Taunmachi Supa Hoshi) is a musical group of singers that first appeared in "Dancers around the World". Rose Aline is a huge fan of them.

List of Members Edit

Member Name Hair Color Information Age
Jasmine Pink Jasmine is the first member of the New Townsville Super Stars. Jasmine also likes eating mochi ice cream. Jasmine's personality is calm.

Jasmine is fair-skinned and wears a green sparkly sleeveless dress and has a yellow skirt decorated with sapphires. She even has pink hair styled in twin ponytails attached by pink bows. She even wears pink heels.

Ginger Blue Ginger is the second member of the New Townsville Super Stars. Ginger has two personalities. Ginger's first personality is being calm. Her other personality is getting a temper tantrum when something bad happens. Ginger is interested in finding seashells.

Ginger has long blue hair and has a red headband. She even wears a long-sleeved green dress with a pink bow on. She wears lighter green gloves and green shoes with yellow bows on. She has sangria purple colored eyes.

Kate Green Kate is the third member of the New Townsville Super Stars. Kate loves eating junk food and hates vegetables. Kate's personality is eating food very greedy.

Kate has green hair styled in a ponytail attached with a midnight blue ribbon. She also wears a blue dress with a sparkly green skirt. She also wears sparkly blue shoes and has some butterfly-shaped earrings. She even has orange eyes.

Belle Yellow Belle is the fourth member of the New Townsville Super Stars. Belle loves sewing dresses and dreams about being a fashion designer one day. Belle's personality is caring.

Belle has a golden star on her forehead, and has yellow hair and has a purple bow on her hair. She also has pink eyeshadow and wears a red sleeveless dress that is coated sparkly and has yellow high-heels with seashells on. She also has daffodil yellow eyes. Belle could be considered the leader of the New Townsville Super Stars.


In the Series Edit

"Dancers around the World" Edit

The girls are first seen singing with microphones on a sparkly stage, and are singing a music video. They are later been captured by Jenny Vynn, a former New Townsville Super Stars member. She even caged them inside a metal cage, and attempts to kill them into hot lava liquid. However, The Powerpuff Girls managed to free them out of the cage, and Jenny Vynn getting arrested to prison.

Trivia Edit

  • They are a parody of the famous Korean girl group, the Wonder Girls.

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