Ms. Keane to the Rescue

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Original Airdate

November 4, 2006

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Practice Makes Pandemonium

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Practice Makes Pandemonium

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The Rowdyruff Boys (episode)

Ms. Keane to the Rescue (Japanese: 最強!キーン先生 All Mighty! Ms. Keane) is the second of two segments of the nineteenth episode of The Powerpuff Girls Z.

In this episode, when the teachers discover that the girls' recent attendance to lessons have slipped since they're always going out of class, they must do something to prevent the girls from using their excuses from going to fight Mojo Jojo.

Episode Summary Edit


  • Math Teacher: Excuse me, Ms. Keane. I need to talk to you.
  • Ms. Keane': Yes, what is it?
  • Math Teacher: It concerns attendance that seem to be some students who just run out of class . Pretty much when ever they like and it's been going on for some time now. I think you know who I'm talking about?

  • Science Teacher: Oh, I know who you talking about? It's those three over active girls.

  • Ms. Keane: (Gasps) Oh, my. What if my students are cutting class? I've got to help them.

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