Everyone! From now on i'm your teacher for first year class c, My name is Miss Keane.
—  Introducing herself in the class as class adviser

Miss Keane
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Miss Keane

Japanese voice

Tomoko Akiya

English voice

Tabitha St Germain

First Appearance

Girls, Concentrate

Miss Keane is a major character in the series. She play a major role to be a teacher of three teenager girls. She originated from Craig McCracken and been adopted by Japan, Toei animation. 

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In Episode 03, where the principal rearranges the classes so that the three super heroine girls will be a classmate and more than easy to be called by the internal science lab.  Miss Keane introduces herself from the class as class adviser.


Miss Keane is a  kind and incredibly patient teacher of them all but don't like a female student like her as much, especially Princess Morbucks.  Miss Keane is very pretty and loved by her male students.


Her class students'  in the room.


  • The original Miss Keane is a smaller than the Demashitaa Keane.
  • Their attitudes are the same as ever.
  • Her t-shirt's design in different from the original design
  • She is a middle school teacher, unlike the original Miss Keane, who is a pre-school teacher.