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The Gangreen Gang

The Gangreen Gang are a group of villains in The Powerpuff Girls Z. They were permanently affected by the Black Z Rays which caused them to be like the way that they are. The members of the Gangreen Gang have the same qualities as the Gangreen Gang in the original series.


  • Ace D. Copular, Voiced by Andrew Francis. He has black hair, sunglasses, sharp teeth, a white shirt with torn sleeves, a red and purple vest, yellow green pants, yellow and orange wristbands, and black shoes.
  • Ivy, who is inspired by Snake from the original series. In the English version, she is a girl, but was male in the original Japanese version. Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain, known for voicing Rarity on My Little Pony. She has blue hair, black lips, a black and white sailor shirt and hat, brown shorts, white socks and black and blue shoes.
  • Lil' Arturo, Voiced by Maryke Hendrikse, who also voice Bubbles on the show, and voice Gilda on My Little Pony. He has a pink shirt, no nose, dark pink skirt, pink scarf, yellow eyes, green hair and red shoes.
  • Grubber, Voiced by Peter New. He has a purple raggedy shirt, brown pants, a real black belt instead of a rope one, black shoes, no nose, round ears, black-green hair and purple eyes.
  • Big Billy, Voiced by Richard Ian Cox. He has brown hair, a pink nose, a white one sleeved shirt, black spiked wristbands with green spikes, purple shoes, blue jeans with red cuffs beneath the leggings on the pants and a single yellow showing above his hair.


  • All the members, except Ivy, had their original names (Ace, Big Billy, etc.) in their first appearances, but they later had their names changed.
  • In the original Japanese version, none of the Gangreen Gang members had their names (or genders) changed.
  • Their first appearance is in Attack of the Gangreen Gang, where they try to defeat the Powerpuff Girls but fail miserably. They then decide to try to defeat only Buttercup, but again they fail miserably. They reappear in later episodes as well.
  • In the Japanese version, Ivy was originally male. It is unknown officially why this change was made, but it was thought that it could have been a few reasons: in the anime, Ivy (Snake, originally) looked somewhat feminine, his/her actions suggested that she had a crush on Bobby (Ace), and his/her "magic trick" involved rubbing Bubbles' leg, which may have been seen as inappropriate.

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