Stinky sock boomerang!
— Butch attacking Buttercup
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Strong Butch

Japanese voice

Tamaki Yuuki

English voice

Kathleen Barr

First Appearance

The Rowdyruff Boys

Signature Color



Stinky socks

Butch is the third and final member of The Rowdyruff Boys, and is an antagonist of The Powerpuff Girls Z. The original creator of the characters and the show is Craig McCracken and they were adopted by Toei Animation. He is Buttercup's counterpart.


Butch is the counterpart of Powered Buttercup who doesn't have a tough demeanor unlike his counterpart. He was created with Kaoru's stinky socks, Mojo Jojo's body hair and Chemical Z. His weapon is a dirty sock that he throws like a boomerang.


Butch has a different appearance than in the original series. He wears a brace with a strap on his neck, and he wears gloves on his hands. His pants are black with two green stripes on his leg. He has black hair and green eyes. Unlike Brick and Boomer, his eyes are thinner and his skin is kind of pale. His hair is kind of girlish due to him having a ponytail/cowlick.


He is very mischievous and gross like his brothers, only more quiet. He used Buttercup's hammer in Episode 42. Unlike his counterpart, he isn't very strong as he tried to use her weapon to attack the powerpuff girls.

Power, Weapon and AbilitiesEdit

The boys are more powerful than the girls but they don't know how to use it correctly.  Butch's weapon is Buttercup's dirty sock.