Before leaving for work at the CD Factory Edit

Professor Utonium: Girls, Ken, I'm going to go leave for work at the CD Factory. Remember not to spilled my new potion: the Copy Potion.

Bubbles: What's the Copy Potion, professor?

Professor Utonium: It's the potion that makes you copy another person that looks like you. The only way to make the clones disappear, is a Disappearing Potion. The ingredients for the potion, is a touch of a petal of a Tiger Lily, a single raspberry, and the secret ingredient, your breath. Once you mixed them all together, pour them on the clones, and they will vanish. Got it?

Ken Kitazawa: Yes, papa. We will.

Professor Utonium: Good.

Utonium left and the girls and Ken are having hot chocolate Edit

Blossom: [Blossom brings a tray with four cups of hot chocolate to the table] Hey, guys. Want some warm hot chocolate?

Buttercup: Sure. They looked so warm. Let's have some grilled sandwiches while we drink our hot chocolate, too.

Blossom: Sure. I'll go grill some four of them right away.

When she left, Buttercup did not noticed she spilled the Copy Potion in Blossom's hot chocolate Edit

Blossom: [Blossom bringing a lunch platter with four grilled sandwiches to the bedroom] Okay, here are the grilled sandwiches. Let's start eating and drinking, shall we?

Ken: Mmm... these grilled sandwiches are sure tasty as cinnamon buns.

Blossom: [Blossom finished drinking her hot chocolate with the Copy Potion inside] Alright, let me go wash the dishes.

Going to bed Edit

Bubbles: Good night, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Blossom: [When they went to bed, a Blossom clone appeared from her] (snoring)

Blossom 1: Hehe! I'm gonna cause mischief!

The Next Day Edit

Ken: [When Ken woke up, he saw one of Blossom's clones staring at him] AH! Blossom!?

Blossom 4: Haha! That's a joke! "AH! Blossom!?", that's funny! Hahahaha!

Ken: [Ken goes downstairs, and asks Blossom if she has been staring at him in bed] Blossom, I saw you staring at me when I woke up this morning, why did you do that annoying habit?

Blossom: Staring at you? I didn't do that.

Ken: Then, who did it?

Blossom 3: [Blossom 3 arguing with Blossom 8 about Octi] Give me that! It's mine!

Blossom 8: No, it's mine!

Bubbles: Hey! Give Octi back!

Ken: Wait, there are 4 Blossoms? What's going on? Wait a minute, the Copy Potion!

Blossom 3: [Blossom 3 and 8 ripped Octi apart] Uh, oh! We ripped the toy!

Bubbles: Oh, no! Octi's ripped apart! You clones! You are bad Blossoms!

Blossom: Oh, no! Bubbles, that is my clone! I bet it's because of the Copy Potion! Buttercup must have been spilled the Copy Potion into my hot chocolate my accident yesterday, and we must make the potion so I can become only 1 Blossom again!

Bubbles: [Bubbles shows Buttercup, Blossom and Ken that there are Blossoms everywhere around the city] Umm... guys, big problem. THERE ARE BLOSSOMS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

The PPGZ went to find all the missing Blossoms Edit

Blossom: Bubbles, you found some Blossoms?

Bubbles: Nope. Wait, I think I saw some Blossoms at the park! Let's go see it [They flied down to see the Blossoms]

Blossom: Oh my gosh! Look at all those Blossoms! They're everywhere! Hey! You! Blossoms! You love grilled cheese sandwich!? [Holds a tray of grilled cheese sandwiches]

All Blossoms: What? Grilled cheese sandwich! Grilled cheese sandwich! Grilled cheese sandwich!

Buttercup: Blossom, I think your grilled cheese sandwiches made the Blossoms wanting it!

Blossom: I think you're right! We need to make more grilled cheese sandwiches and put them inside a cage, Ken is busy making the potion. [Flies back home to make more grilled cheese sandwiches to distract the Blossoms]

Making grilled cheese sandwiches to distract the Blossoms Edit

Buttercup: Blossom, did you finish making the grilled cheese sandwiches? Because more Blossoms are causing chaos in the city!

Blossom: [Blossom holds a plate of grilled cheese sandwiches] Done! We need to distract those Blossoms with these sandwiches! Ken is done making the potion so I can be 1 Blossom again!

Bubbles: Hey, Blossoms! We have some grilled cheese sandwiches! You want them?

All Blossoms: [The Blossoms saw the grilled cheese sandwiches] YAY!!!!!!!!!! GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES!!!!!!!!!!

Buttercup: It's working! The Blossoms are being distracted by the grilled cheese sandwiches! This is my greatest plan!

At the house Edit

Ken: The potion is ready! Now, let's wait till the Blossoms arrived.

Blossom: [Blossom throws the grilled cheese sandwiches into the large cage] Blossoms! Here are some grilled cheese sandwiches for you!

All Blossoms: Grilled cheese sandwich! Grilled cheese sandwich! [All the Blossoms ran into the cage, and it is closed]

Bubbles: It worked! Ken! Pour the potion on the clones!

Ken: I hope this work.. [He poured the potion on the Blossoms, which made them disappear]

Blossom: It worked! The potion made them disappeared!

Buttercup: Phew! They were all gone now. I think the professor is back!

Professor Utonium: I'm back! So, did you have a good time being alone in the house? Wait, where is my Copy Potion?

Blossom: Well... Buttercup accidentally tipped the Copy Potion into my hot chocolate yesterday. Suddenly, there are lots of my clones everywhere during the morning. I distract them with my grilled cheese sandwiches, and Ken finished making the potion and makes them disappeared.

Professor Utonium: Well, I'm glad that you made the Blossoms gone. Now, let's have some grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, shall we?

Ken: [Ken agrees] Sure!

Professor Utonium: I'm proud of you four that you made the Blossoms disappear. [He then saw a Blossom clone running past the house] Wait, did you forgot to make that clone disappear?

Blossom: Oops! We forgot!